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In a shrinking world, where cultures are blending and boundaries are fading, multiculturalism is not a luxury anymore, it is a necessity. We find ways to bring your child in contact with diversity and instill in him/her open-mindedness and tolerance. One tool we use in achieving such goal is drumming or djembé.

Beyond beating the drum and learning about rhythm, harmony and team-playing, the child learns about the culture behind the instrument.

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Another tool to put in contact your child with diversity is Capoeira, hailing from brazil, with its rich tradition of martial arts, dance, acrobatic and music. While learning a new skill and interacting with a diverse set of playmates, children also open their minds to a fareway and fascinating world.

Movements in Capoeira encourage midline crossing, multi-tasking in terms of coordinating physical movements along with speech mechanisms (singing) and sensory integration.

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