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Be a Good Nanny

A nanny must have experience in child care either through babysitting, daycare, teaching, or personal experience as a parent or a member of a large family.

  • A nanny must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A nanny can be bilingual
  • A nanny must have at least completed high school (or the equivalent)
  • A nanny must be willing to attend our mandatory training
  • A nanny must be CPR and First Aid certified or be willing to be certified.
  • A nanny must be able to work legally in the US

In addition… BE A GOOD NANNY

“Alongside a passion for working with children, you must have a true interest in their wellbeing and development.These are the essential skills you should have to become a good nanny.”

You must:

Be patient – you will be working with very young children. By acting with patience, you show respect, empathy, security, and good self-esteem that children will model.

Be kind – you must be approachable to children by being kind and sensitive to the daily concerns that may arise.

Be a good communicator – Your better option will be to ask parents if you have some concerns. Speak clearly and listen attentively. Communication is paramount between the nanny and the child and between the nanny and the parents

Be Respectful of others Teach positive behaviors by exhibiting them yourself. This means saying please, thank you, and excuse me to others. Be respectful and consistent with your actions as children watch and repeat what they see and hear.

Be humble and kind Teach children about charity and kindness. Children watch your daily interactions with others and you need to make sure they learn humility and politeness. Holding the door for the next person to enter a building, giving up your seat on a bus, and smiling at people you meet are all ways to show a child how to be a better person.

Listen to children Children are curious. It is important to focus on what they are saying and asking to really understand what they are thinking or trying to say. This proves to children that what they say is important to you, creating thus a deep bond and trust between you. It also teaches them how to be active listening and have social skills.

Never be late You are responsible for the child’s schedule and keeping the child on schedule proves you are reliable and can be trusted

Be able to work well under pressure – If you are looking after one or more than one child, as you are responsible for the cooking, cleaning and laundering, you will need the ability not only to multitask but to perform well under pressure.

Imaginative– Children are spontaneous, so you must have the ability to be resourceful and imaginative to keep them entertained all day long.

Dress appropriately – Always wear comfortable and clothes. Remember.. dressing neatly shows respect

Above all, show integrity. Integrity is one of the fundamental values that families seek in the employees that they hire. It is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles. Needless to say that confidence is earned on a daily basis and you must show the families that you can be trusted with their children for you to become part of their family.

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